From Jew Jitsu fighting to celebrating Shabbat at Coachella, Millennial Rabbi Daniel Bortz has seen it all. Hear from this soul seeker what it means to see beneath the surface and identify Godliness in the strangest of places. His fascinating journey will leave you spellbound as you may find yourself on a similar path

Public Speaking

Rabbi Bortz is known as a passionate and charismatic speaker who loves to share the story of his unique life journey in an inspiring & relatable way. His talks focus on themes of personal growth, spiritual awareness, and perseverance through life's challenges. His award winning weekly videos have reached hundreds of thousands of people online, and his unique style has been featured in numerous media outlets

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After working with thousands of teenagers, Rabbi Bortz launched the "Teen Success Academy", an exclusive program developed to create exponential growth in the lives of teens. He uses an inner-outer approach to guide students at this critical time of their lives, equipping them with the tools for success now as well as creating a solid foundation for their lives ahead.